Hard surfaces like driveways, patios and brickwork gather dirt and organic contaminants over time leaving them looking less than their best. Moss, algae and lichen blight the exteriors of our properties ruining that all-important kerb appeal.

Driveways- Using just the right amount of pressure from our industrial, petrol and diesel-powered pressure washers we remove general dirt and algae from the surface as well as moss and weeds from between the joints of block paving. In some cases we will need to visit prior to cleaning to apply weed-killer to ensure we can give the best clean possible.

Once the surface has had adequate time to dry (usually 2-3 dry days) we will return to re-sand between the blocks. Replacing displaced sand is vital to the performance of the surface, the sand is like the glue that holds the whole driveway together preventing movement and sinking. It also adds the finishing touch to the look of the surface bringing that kerb appeal flooding back.

Patios- Many homeowners are opting for beautiful natural stone for their patios and paths, this stone can be expensive and gives a striking appearance to the outside of any home. Due to the porosity of natural stone they are prone to algae and lichen growth on the substrate surface leaving those natural colours lost under a haze of green and with black lichen spots blighting the flags.

Depending on the type of stone and soiling we use a variety of methods including pressure washing and chemical cleaning to bring back the original finish. Pressure washing alone will not remove those dreaded black spots from your patio, we have the knowledge and techniques to do so.

Decking/garden furniture- Wood requires a much gentler approach than hard surfaces, too much pressure can irreversibly scar wooden surfaces. During the winter months when the weather is wetter, algae grows freely on the surface of your decking making it extremely slippery and unsafe to walk on. We can clean this slimy and dangerous growth to keep you and your family safe and steady underfoot.
Wooden garden furniture can be a work of art to look at and last for decades if treated correctly, we can clean and oil or stain your garden furniture to keep it looking and performing as it did new for many years.